Construction and Infrastructure Development Projects

As many governments invest in massive construction and infrastructure development projects, private companies involved in the implementation of such projects face challenges due to lack of robust project management and accounting solutions.

Dynasoft seeks to help such companies by providing a project management and accounting solution with capabilities for tracking project progress, project resource assignment, project purchases, work-in-progress accounting, project cost & revenue recognition and project invoicing.

Manufacturing and Production

Dynasoft consultants have been able to manage and deliver on NAV Manufacturing implementations to support the core production processes of different clients through optimized manufacturing operations. Part of a series of world-class Microsoft Dynamics business solutions, NAV manufacturing module provides a complete set of tools for planning, managing, executing, reporting and analyzing manufacturing operations of all scales. The application handles all aspects of the manufacturing process from the shop floor to the accounting and management offices.


Pension Administration

In today’s ever-changing pension industry, the only thing that doesn’t change is ‘change’ itself. In an industry increasingly driven by the three Cs: Customer, Competition and Change, companies face many challenges and risks unless they invest in a robust pension administration solution that aligns with the overall business strategy.


Private Security Management

With the ever emerging security threats and challenges, there has been a need for private security firms to invest in enterprise-wide resource planning solutions that enable ''on-time''  access to critical information in order to respond to clients in cases of security emergencies.


Investments Management

Working with some of the industry leaders in investments management, Dynasoft has been able to build a robust application for quoted & unquoted equity management, offshore investments tracking & management and money market investments management (treasury bills, treasury bonds, corporate bonds & commercial papers).

Property Management

The property management module seeks to automate and manage the entire cycle of the property including acquisition, control, accountability, maintenance, utilization and disposal. The property management solution developed by Dynasoft has capabilities to support setup of both commercial/leased and owned property, management of multi-lease/let properties, tenancy service contract management, tenant billing & account reconciliation, property segmentation/categorization, periodic property maintenance & repair, property insurance and fixed asset operations such as depreciation, appreciation, revaluation disposal e.t.c

Non-profit Making Organizations (NGOs)

Dynasoft consultants have developed a specialized solution tailored to the unique needs of non-profit making organizations. The solution enables tracking of all donor funds and grants as well as accounting for all expenditures by project and / or donor dimensions. The solution also supports infinite income streams since some NGOs are not fully dependent on donor activities, thus they may be engaged in income-generating ventures. enables We have also customized an information sharing & collaborative platform for NGO entities based on the robust Microsoft SharePoint server.

Insurance & Reinsurance

We have developed an end-to-end core insurance and reinsurance management solution that supports both life and general business.

The IRIS solution optimizes business processes and customer service across claims, underwriting, reinsurance, billing, finance, and distribution functions of insurance, reinsurance & broking companies.